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Five Reasons Our Members (and us!) Love the App

article.title Hey, we’ve been around for a long time. After all, we wrote the Book on savings! When we developed our app, we were mindful as to why our Members are loyal to our products. Experience told us that people want one convenient go-to for a ton of high value and diverse coupons. We applied modern technology to what was already a tried and true product, and our app was born. With 100s of five-star ratings from our Members, we’re sure we got it right!
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How Using a Coupon App is Easier Than Clipping

article.title When it comes to apps that save you money, you can’t go wrong with becoming an Entertainment® Member. Save on sit-down restaurants, fast food, entertainment, shopping, online deals, and more all using one digital coupon app that makes clipping obsolete.
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