Twenty minutes a day. That’s all it takes.

Did you know 20 minutes of daily, physical activity releases endorphins in your body that will immediately help relieve pain, reduce stress, improve your sense of well-being, and can even help you live longer? So what are you waiting for? Fitness is at your fingertips with the Entertainment® Coupon Membership. With just a click, you’ll discover hundreds of member exclusive offers and discounts to customize your personal fitness goals, making them attainable and affordable. 


Get in your 20 minutes at the gym.

A rigorous and consistent fitness program at the gym is a great way to make gains and get swole! Save money with member exclusive deals on top-ranking, national, and local gyms, many of which include personal training, boot camps, and online virtual workouts. Whether you’re a newbie or a regular gym rat, remember the only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.


Crunch Fitness - Multiple Locations
Score a seven-day free trial!


Active & Fit - Multiple Locations
Score no enrollment fee using promo code SUMMERSTRONG!



My Gym - Multiple Locations
Score $25 off a birthday party or $25 off your first month!


Proper gear is a great place to start.

Your fitness journey is dependent upon maintaining your overall well-being and comfort so you can go the distance! Save money with member exclusive deals on footwear designed specifically to your sport to avoid potential injury, stabilize, and protect joints, and improve performance, getting you over the finish line. Whether that’s a short walk on a lunch break with a friend or hiking countryside footpaths, you’ll be blazing a trail.


Echelon - Online Offer
Score up to 15% off on connected equipment!


Dunham's Sports - Online Offer
Score up to 25% off on top-rated apparel or footwear!


Big 5 Sporting Goods - Multiple Locations
Score and save $5 on your purchase of $25 or more!

Alternative ways to get your 20 minutes in.

Looking to log in your fitness commitment with your hobby? We got you! Whether that’s bringing your favorite partner to learn ball room dancing, taking the kids to a tumble class, 18 holes and a pushcart for league night, or learning all six kick disciplines at a martial arts class, you’ll find significant savings.


Score an average savings of $32.28 at 501 studios around the US and Canada. Check out the studios near you including:

Fred Astaire Dance Studio
- Score one free dance lesson with purchase!

Arthur Murray Dance Center - Score a free private lesson with purchase!

The Little Gym - Score 50% off the regular price of any membership package!

Score an average savings of $20.28 at 1,131 golf courses around the US and Canada. Check out the golf courses near you including:

Indian Spring Golf Course
- Free green fee with purchase of three green fees.

Mad Golfer - One complimentary bucket of balls with purchase.

Valley View GolfFree round of Mini Golf with purchase. 

Score an average savings of $49.43 at 694 martial arts gyms around the US and Canada. Check out the gyms near you including:

Karate Do Kan
$20 off one initiation fee.

Superkicks - Three lessons at 50% off the regular price.

The Rock50% off the regular price of two lessons.

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